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Approximately 1/3 of an average human life is asleep. For this reason, your choice of both bed and bedstead is extremely important. The mattress and bed you choose should be comfortable and support your body in order to protect your sleep health and general body health. Choosing the right bedstead also ensures that the mattress you will use will last much longer.

Bedroom Decoration

Bedstead set is the leading actor in your bedroom decoration. The design and air of the bed, which is the first furniture that catches the eye in the bedroom, is effective in reflecting the general ambience of the room. For this reason, when you choose your bedstead, you actually determine the general style of your bedroom. You can examine classic, modern, Japanese style, rustic or minimal style bedsteads to choose a model that will show your style among many models. Choosing a harmonious choice with other furniture in your bedroom makes it easier for you to make your room more spacious and pleasing to the eye.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bedstead

When choosing a cot bed, the space of your room plays an important role as well as the decoration of your bedroom. It is not suitable for small rooms as the usage area of ​​the large bed head or closed footrest is only on the sides. In small bedrooms, you can have a wider area of ​​use as well as elegance by choosing models that will leave all three sides of the bed exposed with a small headboard. However, if there is no space problem in your room, the varieties with large headboards are among the options you can use for decoration. You can energize your bedroom with bed headboard models that will contrast with the bedspread. Since the size of your bed is directly related to the size of your bed, you should consider your bed when making this choice.

How should the size of the bed be?

When choosing an average model, you should make sure that your bed is approximately 10 centimeters more than the circumference. Considering that these gaps should be larger in some bed models will allow you to avoid the problems you will experience due to the dimensions. If you have difficulty with storage space, you can choose high or drawer models. With high-legged bedstead models, you can use the space that continues from the floor to the lower part as a storage solution.

The Effect of the Bed on the Life of the Bed

Slatted or flat bedstead models significantly affect the life of your bed. For this reason, you should consider the bed-to-bed relationship when making your choices. While your bed supports your body weight, your bed base supports the weight of your bed. Slatted bedsteads and flatbeds have some unique advantages. Thanks to its flexibility, the slatted models can support your bed more, while the flat floor models can support your bed from every point. If you make the right choice with your mattress, you will have a more comfortable sleep experience by extending the life of your mattress with both models.

Japanese Style in the Bedroom

There is a unique Japanese bed that the Japanese have used for centuries and bedroom decoration styles shaped by this set. This decoration considers the bedroom as your most personal space. According to this decoration style, which has become a trend in other countries in recent years, your bedroom should have an extremely minimal line. For this reason, if you want to make your bedroom in Japanese style, you should choose a suitable bed. For the bedroom in this style, you should make sure that not only your bedstead but also your other furniture you choose is in minimal style. In Japanese-style bedrooms, the bed legs are made very low, and some models do not have any legs. You can prevent contamination of bedsteads and bed bottoms that are in direct contact with the floor. You can complete your bedroom decoration with Japanese style furniture together with warm colored lighting.

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How Much Are The Bedstead Prices? 

Bedstead prices vary according to the product design and the materials used. You can contact us at +90 533 955 4084 for the design and model you want.