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Looking for custom furniture manufacturer in Turkey ? Custom made furniture Turkey 

We build premium custom furniture for individuals, interior designers, and businesses.

Bespoke furniture is simply furniture that has been made to measure according to what you want to use it for and how you want it to look.

All of Homelli furniture is made to order in Turkey – Istanbul. This personalised service means that you can, if you wish, create unique furniture exactly to your own specification.  All of our furniture is offered in a huge range of fabrics, finishes, colours and sizes.

We understand how important it is to buy the correct size of furniture for the space you have. This is why our filters offer products by width, and/or depth, and/or height. If your search result shows a product that appears to be larger or smaller than your searched dimensions, that means it is available in your size. The design however, may differ slightly from the image – please talk to our helpful showroom staff for great clarity.

Many of our dining room tables can be cut to a specific size as can our beds. We can also supply customised mattresses to fit any customised bed.


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