Natural Latex Mattress

Naturally comfortable

LATEXCEL® is a GommaGomma trademark and was the name of the first company division. It has always marked and been associated worldwide with high quality of 100% natural latex foam for mattresses and pillows, ideal for people who want to sleep in a natural, healthy way. LATEXCEL® ensures the best environmental conditions and provides perfect body support. It resists mites, and is hypoallergenic, hygienic, ecological, silent and non-deformable over time.

The most expensive type of latex mattress is made from 100% natural latex. Although it does cost more, it feels incredible and represents a great long-term investment, as we have already discussed.Consumers who live an organic lifestyle and have made many changes in order to remove most synthetic materials from their household tend to purchase 100% natural latex mattresses. These products offer unsurpassed healthiness and elasticity, conform to your body and reduce the pressure on your muscles and circulation like no other mattress. The luxurious comfort and gentle support simply cannot be matched by synthetic latex. 

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100% Natural Latex

Mattress 20 cm block natural latex + Inner Lining + Organic Kotton mattress cover 21-22 cm thickness. Natural latex density 82 kg m3 Does not contain synthetic latex.

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100% Natural Latex Certification

Seven-Zone Design

The ergonomic 7-Zone design accommodates for gravitational forces on various body parts.

By contouring to the body’s curvatures, negative space is effectively eliminated so that the body is fully supported for correct posture alignment.

Reduced Motion Transfer
natural latex mattres modell 2023

Why Natural Latex mattress ?

It reduces your movements during sleep by 80% and allows you to spend more time in rem sleep and rest more. The uncomfortable sleep you get in 8-9 hours in conventional mattresses, you get more comfortable and rested in 4-5 hours.
Motion Isolation

one of the greatest benefits of latex mattresses would be the no motion transfer factor.


Latex is naturally hypoallergenic, sterile, and anti bacterial.

Four Channel Airways

Latex mattresses are strategically created with flower pattrens and four channel airways to provide various benefits.

Sleep soundlessly on clouds

Italy imported 100% Natural Latex Mattress.

Among many European countries that produce latex mattresses, Italy was the first to mass produce latex mattresses. Italy’s history with premium latex production legitimizes and specializes their expertise. Thus, mattresses are produced solely in Italy. 

The quality of our mattresses are just as reputable. Latex has passed strict European test regulations for durability (CATAS), toxin-free substance (Eco-Institute), and is even OEKO-TEX certified.

Natural latex mattress Crafted from Pure Italian Artistry

The best latex mattresses are made of unsliced 100% natural latex. Therefore, factories produce the thickest unsliced 100% natural latex mattresses that pass through 6 different stages of the production cycle as well as a year of dehydration.

Benefits of Natural Latex Mattress

Experience the many benefits of premium latex mattresses.

Latex is extremely durable and maintains the same form and elasticity throughout the years

Hygienic factor naturally resists bacteria, mold, and etc.

Minimized noise and motion transfer

Pin holes allow excellent air circulation for perfect sleeping temperature

Strategically placed air-holes for superb body pressure distribution

Evenly distributed pressure on body provides firm individualized support and increased blood circulation

7-Zone Support System

Strategically placed air-holes create a 7-zone system which eliminates negative space to fit each contour of the body and provide optimal support based on body pressure distribution.

(2) This system finds the optimal density of latex in accordance with the curve and pressure of each part of the human body, with 7 layer zone of different elasticity, which is made by porous air holes. It withstands weights and has sophisticated weight distribution function, which is enough to be used as sleep disorder treatment. 

ECO-TQL2 (Total Quality Latex)

Precision vulcanization processes upgrade the heating and dehydration processes to produce a whole new quality of latex mattress, with twice the productivity levels.

4 Channel Air-Hole System

The 4 channel air-hole system provides a pleasant and healthy sleeping environment by further increasing air circulation, enhancing its own antibacterial elements and assisting in restful sleep through all four seasons.

(2) The Fiore Ergonomic Module has a surprising science of sleep within its floral decoration. 4 channel air-hole, which is created by pin holes of up, down, right and left side penetrating the whole mattress, facilitates air circulation. 

Fiore air way on the surface of mattress maximizes the air permeability. This system maintains the proper humidity of body during sleeping as well as provides a hygienic sleeping environment.


You won’t notice your partner’s tossing and turning due to air-cell.


No creaking sound of general spring mattresses.


99.9% antibacterial from Staphylococcus aureus, Pneumobacillus etc.

Blood Circulation

A perfect weight distribution prevents numbness of arms and shoulder by decreasing pressure on capillary


Maintains always the same elasticity unlike spring mattresses.

Air Permeability

Excellent air permeability due to distribution of air cells with countless perforations.

Reputable exclusive technology value